“When you know you’re a great coach but feel like the world's best kept secret who do you turn to for help?”

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Introduction to TSBOC

Do you...

  • want to create a world-class coaching business to match your world-class talents?

  • want more high-achieving, high-fee, inspirational clients?

  • want to do work that excites you every day and enables you to create more impact?

  • have a background as a high-performing professional, but want more?

Yes! - Then you're in the right place. We have created The Secret Business Of Coaching for you.

What is TSBOC (The Secret Business Of Coaching)?

Our Why:

  • Coaching IS a business!
  • You need to understand, practice and master the business side of coaching as much as the coaching itself. 
  • If you don't, then you will never create a sustainable coaching business and certainly not a thriving one. 
  • If you do then there is no limit to what you can create in your practice. 
  • The greatest gift you can give your clients is to master "The Secret Business of Coaching".

  • Rich and Chris have been coaching for over twenty years combined.
  • Over that time we have worked with hundreds of clients on a 1:1 basis and served thousands more through our training and speaking work. 
  • This work has included working with many new and up and coming coaches. 
  • There are many unsupportive patterns, which we have seen amongst coaches and which we also ran at the beginning of our businesses. 

The three main problems we see are:

Problem 1: 

  • New coaches spend way too much time on the top of their marketing funnel: Free newsletters, blogs, vlogs, free eBooks for email addresses, excessive social media posting, paid advertising etc.! 
  • These can be useful when you're established but It's frustrating at the beginning to spend all of your time where the money isn't! 
  • It's demoralising not having the hard work reciprocated with high quality, high paying, committed clients.

Problem 2: 

  • New coaches often do not work with the right clients. Sometimes they coach anyone with a pulse!
  • Coaching is a dance. The quality of the dance is dependent on the partner you work with and your abilities and progress as a dancer are seriously compromised if you constantly work with partners who are not playing at the same or even higher level than you. 
  • Working with the wrong clients leads to poor commitment, poor results and a coaching practice that at best feels like hard work and at worst is unsustainable. 

Problem 3: 

  • New coaches often do not propose powerful coaching contracts for the right duration and fee that allows for the best results to be achieved for their clients and for their businesses to thrive.

The Real Problem:

  • These problems have resulted in so many great coaches giving up, because they could not make the business side of their coaching practice work! That is a travesty.
  • "I hate marketing and selling. I just want to coach!" 
  • We hear you and we feel the same.

The Solution:

  • This course teaches you how to create a thriving coaching business, by powerfully serving a small number of clients without any shallow marketing techniques.
  • It's the most natural, open and authentic way to create a service based business and yet it has become largely a secret, due to the influx of shallow mass marketing techniques promoted so voraciously on social media these days.
  • What this program is NOT! It is NOT based on using faceless marketing to entice large numbers of unsuspecting non-committed clients to start to work with you in the hope that you can trap them in your funnel and squeeze everything you can out of them!


  • The world needs great coaches like no other time in history. 
  • Are you that coach?
  • Is it time to step up?
  • It is our commitment to do everything we can to support you and make that happen. 
  • It's time to reveal the secrets.
  • Welcome to "The Secret Business of Coaching".

Join us on our TSBOC course.

Yes, I would like to join the TSBOC course: The course investment is £1997. This includes over 100 videos and 20 hours of content).

Join the TSBOC Course (£1997)

Video Course Content

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  • 1

    Module 1- Introduction.

    • Introduction
    • The Two Ronnies
    • Commitment Agreements
    • The Apprenticeship Model
    • The Secrets of a Successful Coach
    • What Could Stop You? FREE PREVIEW
    • Coaching Ad Hoc
    • Lean On Me
    • Game
  • 3

    Module 3/4- The Coach

    • The 4 Key Qualities of a Successful Coach: Quality 1- Belief
    • Quality 2- Networking
    • Quality 3- Positive References for Wealth
    • Quality 4- Action
    • Your Identity
    • You Are Your First Client
    • You Are Your Niche
    • Get a Coach
    • Be Like Water
    • Oliver Twist
    • Befriending the Inner Chimp
    • Identity Quadrant
    • Game
  • 4

    Module 5/6- The Client

    • Psychographic Not Demographic
    • Avatar- The Client Not The Film!
    • Test Not Trust
    • Circles of Trust
    • Client Training
    • Members Only
    • Where Do I Find Them?
    • Seek to Understand
    • Great Clients Leave Great Clues
    • Quality Leads to Quality
    • Avoiding Tyre Kickers
    • -3 0 +3
    • Game
  • 5

    Module 7/8- The Service

    • Yin and Yang of Client Creation
    • Creating an Asset
    • The Bold Proposal
    • Service Matrix
    • Power of Language
    • The Best Elevator Pitch in The World
    • Connect and Invite
    • Lead Generation Matrix
    • What Has Worked?
    • Connection Elevator
    • Less is More
    • Play The Long Game
    • It's Not a Beauty Parade
    • Initial Conversation
    • What's it Worth?
    • What's Next?
    • Don't Sell, Consult!
    • Game
  • 6

    Module 9/10- The Proposal

    • Selling The Intangible
    • The 5 Sales in Coaching
    • Premature Proposal
    • Crossing The Line
    • The Tale of Two Paths
    • Is It Worth It?
    • The Proposal is For The Client Not The Coach
    • Post Proposal Outcomes
    • Making The Cash Work
    • Getting The Blessing
    • Buyers Remorse
    • Go Pro and Get Paid
    • Happy Price
    • Starter Contracts
    • Game
  • 7

    Module 11- Turning Pro

    • Amateur Vs Pro
    • Implement The Vision
    • Breathing Bob
    • Lifting Weights
    • Daily Routine: Working the Colander
    • Referrals Rebooted
    • Cleaning The Colander
    • Get Uncomfortable
    • Quality Is Everything
    • Client Notes: Capture, Evaluate and Optimise
    • Renewals
    • Show Me The Money!
    • Step, Step, Step, Jump
    • Because I'm Worth It
    • Game
  • 8

    Module 12- Business Management

    • Your Client Journeys
    • The ABCD of Coaching Metrics
    • Dashboard
    • Business Matrix
    • Money In The Bank
    • Business Basics
    • Building The Business
    • Staying On Track
    • Time is Money
    • Diary Compression
    • Cleaning The Slate
    • Game
    • What's Next?

What's in the TSBOC Course? (£1997):

  • Content: Over 20 hours and 100 videos of our combined knowledge on how to create a thriving coaching business.

Meet some of the high-achieving professionals who are thriving as part of our TSBOC community:

Manoj Mistry holds an M.B.A. in Finance and is a Certified Financial Risk Manager. He's had an illustrious 20-year career in Finance, providing Business Analysis, Consultancy and Software Development to a variety of global investment banks including Lloyds TSB, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, J. P. Morgan and Citibank. He recently gave up his six-figure Business Analyst role for Nomura to become a full time high performance coach to Senior Banking Leaders wishing to make an Impact and create a Legacy.

Linda Thomson is a sought after Personal Coach, Professional Trainer and International Speaker. After being run over by a truck in a life changing accident she left her role as a Senior Consultant with a national charity to work for Robbins Research International. She is now a Trainer for Tony Robbins and speaks on stage at events around the world.

Dave James is a foot and leg magician and a social media wizard. He's a fully qualified and licenced Podiatrist with the Health Professions Council and holds an Associate Lectureship in Podiatry. Entrepreneurship runs in his family, and after successfully building and selling his own podiatry business he now coaches and mentors other business leaders to build their own thriving six-figure businesses.



Deborah Harvey is a fully qualified and experienced Hypnotherapist and an expert on business start-ups. With a prior background in health care she has occupied in the last decade Senior Manager positions in Product, Business Development and Industry Engagement within the Medical Science sector. She now utilises her vast business experience in her professional coaching. 


Christine Glass has 20 years of Professional Management and Human Resources experience in for-profit, non-profit, government and education sectors. She is an expert on navigating the challenges of personal change and organisational culture. She now specialises in helping stressed out HR Leaders achieve impact, clarity and perspective through her 1:1 Coaching.



Marianne Spiteri has 30 years of experience in holistic therapies and coaching. She’s an ITS Certified Coach, has completed Leadership Mastery with Tony Robbins and is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She partners with clients globally and has a proven track record in supporting leaders through life-changing circumstances including divorce, bereavement and cancer.

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A testimonial from Sam Wilde

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A testimonial from Deborah Harvey

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A testimonial from Dave James

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A testimonial from Linda Thomson

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A testimonial from Peter Sleigh

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Long form testimonial from Manoj Mistry

Join us on our TSBOC course.

Yes, I would like to join the TSBOC course: The course investment is £1997. This includes over 100 videos and 20 hours of content).

Join the TSBOC Course (£1997)


  • What support will I get to help me build my coaching business?

    There are two distinct elements to building a successful coaching business: Knowledge and Implementation. You will gain access to a substantial Video Course with over 20 hours and 100 videos to help you build your knowledge. Our Accelerator Programme includes two 1:1 calls - one with Chris and one with Rich. Our Inner Circle Programme (invite only) includes a private facebook group, group calls (2 per month for 6 months) and Live Days with Chris and Rich (2 x 2 days).

  • What if I can't attend an Inner Circle Group Call?

    When you join the TSBOC Inner Circle you will be sent a list of upcoming group calls. You will gain access to 12 x 90 minute live calls (2 per month for 6 months). They are at 8pm UK / 12noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern. All calls will be recorded, so if you can't attend a call live then you can watch the recording later. You will also have access to all recordings made during your time in the group, providing hours of additional support.

  • How long will I have access to the TSBOC Video Course?

    As part of your TSBOC purchase you will have access to the TSBOC Video Course for life. This includes over 20 hours and 100 videos of guidance on how to build a successful coaching business in 12 easily digestible modules. This lifetime access also includes any future course updates.

  • How will I receive my personal TSBOC coaching?

    As part of your Accelerator Programme you will receive 2 x 60 minute personal one to one coaching calls: one with Chris and one with Rich. All calls will be provided online via Zoom and can be taken anytime during your initial 6 month period.

Join us on our TSBOC course.

Yes, I would like to join the TSBOC course: The course investment is £1997. This includes over 100 videos and 20 hours of content).

Join the TSBOC Course (£1997)